At the end of 2002, Bruce Lazarus and Doug Czufin led a small group of dedicated Managers and Chefs from the large public company and began operating as a small private company. It was a big risk but that’s what the southwest is all about.

To create Our Southwest, we reached back to Mexico's Heritage. The rich history is influenced by Spanish, Native American, and Western United States cultures. Mexico’s ingredients are harvested from dry deserts, bountiful coastlines, cool mountains and lush farmlands. We blend these rich ingredients into dishes and tastes that are truly unique.

From the beginning, our mission at Canyon Cafe has been to skillfully prepare and creatively present food & beverages influenced by the American Southwest. So, whether you’re enjoying the Hand-Shaken Margaritas, our Flip & Sizzle Fajitas, the Tableside Guacamole or one of our Chef’s Signature Features. Let us provide you with a truly enjoyable meal and experience so you will Leave Happy and Return Often!